Visit My Gardens and Nursery

I maintain a small nursery of hard-to-obtain native plants for my garden designs. All of these plants are chosen for their suitability for gardens as well as their value to pollinators, birds, and other wildlife.

From time-to-time I open my own gardens and nursery in Glen Williams to the public to visit, enjoy, learn, and shop.

Next Open Garden/Nursery Date: 
Sundays afternoons from 1-5PM until October 14th (or by appointment)
109 Joseph Street, Glen Williams, ON L7G 2X9

If you would like to be notified in advance of open garden dates and times, please sign up for my newsletter.

Why are so many of our beautiful native plants hard-to-obtain?

Retailers who rely on plant sales tend to carry non-native and flashy hybrids that, while beautiful and sell well, offer little to no value to birds, pollinators, and other wildlife. Garden escapees are a huge problem in our ecologically-sensitive Credit River watershed.

Not only that, the term “native plant” implies that it grows wild everywhere – so why buy it?

The irony is that our green spaces have been largely taken over by exotic plants that have destroyed habitat. Many of us don’t even know about the many beautiful native plants that exist! They once covered our landscape and have now been muscled out.

Come and discover what plants will fill your garden with colour and life!