Sustainable Garden Care

Once your perennial gardens become established they will certainly take much less time to care for than your lawn, but there’s no such thing as a “no-maintenance” garden.

It’s the nature of plants to grow, expand, and compete with each other. I like to think of the gardener as the “official referee”.

The goal is to establish and maintain a balanced community of healthy plants and soil organisms. I use the right plants in the right place so there’s enough food, shelter, nesting areas and wintering habitat to keep birds, beneficial insects, and other garden-helpers sticking around.

If you are short of time to care for your garden or are going to be away, I am available on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as-needed to help. I can take care of your:

  • spring cleanup
  • weeding
  • pruning
  • edging
  • staking
  • deadheading
  • cutting back
  • dividing perennials
  • transplanting
  • mulching leaves

Pollinator garden