Garden Makeovers

Garden Smarter, Not Harder!

You’ll spend far less time maintaining your yard and more time enjoying it if you:

  1. keep on top of weeding in the spring – it will take three times as long later in the season if you don’t;
  2. use the right plants for soil and light conditions;
  3. learn the correct pruning techniques instead of clipping shrubs into round balls and arrow-straight hedges;
  4. shred leaves and spread them on the garden in the fall instead of bagging and dragging them out to the curb for disposla;
  5. reduce the amount of lawn you have to maintain!

Why Gardens are Smarter than Lawns

Gardens get a bad rap for being “too much work” compared to lawns.


Perfect lawns need mowing – sometimes several times a week. They need fertilizing, weeding, overseeding, not to mention the battles with grubs and other pests.

Gardens that consist of well-chosen plants and that are tended using some simple techniques will take far less time to maintain.


The Ugly Secret About Lawns

Don’t get me wrong, lawns are very useful; the problem is that we’ve gone overboard with too much of it. From the perspective of the wild creatures around you, lawns may as well be an asphalt parking lot. There’s no food, no place to nest, no place to safely wait out the winter. Lawns are ecologically barren and sustain about as much life as the Sahara desert.

What’s more, lawns are a breeding ground for a serious invasive pest – the Japanese Beetle. The grubs ruin your grass and the adults chew through the flower blooms in your garden. Less beauty for you to enjoy, far fewer blooms to provide nectar and pollen to butterflies and bees.

Garden Makeover

I’ll put together a plan for your property to modify the landscaping so that it’s less work to maintain, attractive, and can provide food, shelter, and overwintering habitat for birds and other wildlife. The work can be done all at once or in stages. I’ll provide written instructions on seasonal tasks and you can take advantage of my garden coaching services to learn how to prune, identify plants, and maintain your yard in a smarter – not harder, way.


Call or email to arrange a free 30-minute consultation. If you would like me to visit your property the fee is $50 for up to one hour, which I’m happy to apply as a credit should you retain my services for a garden makeover.