Consultations & Coaching

Are you…

  • A beginner gardener who doesn’t know where to start and need some one-on-one coaching?
  • A DIY gardener who would like guidance on how to transform an existing garden into a pollinator paradise?
  • A new homeowner who needs help figuring out what’s growing in your garden and how to care for it?
  • An experienced gardener who would like advice, feedback, or an extra pair of hands to incorporate wildlife-friendly habitat into your landscaping?

I’ll teach you how to become a better gardener who knows how to tend the plants, insects, birds, and other living organisms that are dependent on each other, and you, for a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

I can work alongside you, providing the guidance you need to create a gorgeous garden full of life and natural beauty. I’ll help you select the right plants for the right places, and avoid expensive mistakes.

Horticultural House Call

  1. We’ll start with a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your goals, concerns, the scope of the work you are interested in, and any questions you might have
  2. I’ll arrange a convenient time to visit you and tour your garden
  3. I will answer your questions, make recommendations to improve habitat, offer specific suggestions on problem areas in your garden
  4. I’ll put together a report confirming what we discussed and my recommendations including specific plants and care information, a pruning timetable, soil improvement recommendations, suggestions for problem areas


  1. As your personal garden trainer, I’ll put you through your paces in the garden – guiding, educating, and working alongside you to get your garden into tip top shape and hone your gardening skills.
  2. Garden coaching sessions can be by the hour or on a weekly / bi-weekly schedule.